Christening and baptism are just different names for the same service. Christening refers to the ‘chrism’ oil used for anointing at the service. Baptism literally means ‘drenching’ with water. Baptism marks an entry into membership of the Christian church. When parents decide to have a baby christened, they mean they want to bring up the child as a Christian.

Can we have the service in the Upper Itchen Benefice?
Baptism usually takes place in your local parish church, but we have six and if you live in any of the six parishes you are welcome to choose Beauworth, Bramdean, Cheriton, Hinton Ampner, Kilmeston or Tichborne for your child to be baptised. If you do not live in the benefice nor habitually attend one of the churches, then we can put you in touch with your local church. If you would still like the baptism in one of these churches then we will need to get permission from your local church before doing the baptism, this usually only happens if there is a strong link with these parishes or some other good reason.

How do I arrange a Baptism?
As soon as you are thinking of getting your child baptized, you should make contact to discuss the procedure and arrange a suitable date. The earlier you make contact the more likely you are to have the baptism in the month you prefer.

In the first instance, please contact our Rector, Revd. Christopher Durrant  on 01962 793086 or by email,

Alternatively get in touch with the parish secretary Mrs Gillian Gray Knight either by telephone on 01962 736029 or e-mail