The Hinton Ampner Church Tea Towels and Cards

That surprise Christmas Present from All Saints

The Hinton Ampner Church Tea Towels and Cards


Not so very long ago a still life with flowers fetched £2.1m at auction, it was painted on a Tea Towel by Van Gogh.

Unlike Banksy’s “A Girl with a Balloon”, the All Saints Tea Towel is not a work of art on canvas. It’s a bespoke work of art, screen printed, on the finest cotton cloth. And, unlike the Banksy stencil sold at over £1million, your Tea Towel will not shred itself! It’s washable up to 40 degrees and our hammer price is only £6 each, or 2 for £10.

All Saints Church has thousands of visitors every year and also unlike that destructive Banksy, All Saints is kept under continuous maintenance, renovation, improvement and repair. The most recent state of the art project? A new lighting system.

How to pay for these works? Our hand crafted Tea Towels and our Christmas Cards; of All Saints Church Chancel, its Altar & Patrick Reyntiens Windows decorated for Christmas, are not only affordable, they will help All Saints raise much needed funds.

Like Banksy and Van Gogh you could put your Tea Towel to some new and innovative use, or even keep it as a work of art. It’s available, in sage green on a white background, so why not buy two, keep one and send the other one together with our Christmas card as “That surprise Christmas Present”?

A final word of caution. Your Hinton Ampner Tea Towel, comes without instructions, so use it with care when drying up! Use by untrained operatives is definitely not encouraged and to quote Picasso: “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge”!

“No room at the Inn,” and not much in the stable, with Shepherds, Magi, Mary, Joseph, the heavenly host and a baby using the manager as a cot! But, there is always room for you at this important time in the Christian year, to see our Nativity Scene and much else besides.

You are very welcome to visit us at Hinton Ampner every day of the year and to join our Services too. Details of the Services and the many activities in the Upper Itchen Benefice are in and there’s “Definitely room for you on Christmas Eve at The All Saints Midnight Mass”!

With your support, at this important time in the Christian year, all who receive our Christmas card and Tea Towel, will share in the true meaning of Christmas. Both are on Sale at All Saints. And Christmas Cards are also available at The Cheriton Village Shop £6 for a packet of 10, or 80p for a single card. We guarantee profits from all sales will be used to maintain and improve All Saints.


All Saints Tea Towels £6 each, or 2 for £10.

All Saints Christmas Cards £6 for a packet of 10, or 80p for a single card.