The brilliance of God’s Gift to us

When I worked in York Diocese, the Archbishop of York was very fond of telling us that if we had nothing to say, then we should only talk about Jesus. This is I think a noble sentiment, especially, but of course not exclusively, if you are talking to clergy persons, which he was. He was also rather keen to tell us that if we think worship is boring, or goes on too long, then we should wait until we are in heaven, because in heaven the only thing to do is worship God. ABY pointed out that in the Book of Revelation among other places, we are quite clearly told that ‘from the throne of heaven came a voice saying, Praise our God, all you his servants, Worship God!’ The suggestion is that we were created to worship God always, forever, eternally, so this is what we will do in the heavenly realm. Now this might mess up your hope of what a heavenly paradise should look like, sat by the pool sipping a Piña Colada in your budgie smugglers, for instance. And the problem when you only have 500 words, which is clearly not an eternity, is how to succinctly and pragmatically express that future destiny of humankind – eternity in heaven – eternally worshipping God.

Well actually this is far easier than you might think, and it is not at all boring, and I refer you to my first sentence – Jesus! That’s right there is nothing more fantastic, amazing and brilliant than the gift God gave to us first – Jesus Christ.

Now, I realise that some of you reading this may not believe me when I say Jesus is fantastic and brilliant, which of course I affirm He is. But even if you do not worship God, you probably are likely already to be in a cycle of some sort of worship, whether you realise it or not. If it is not the righteous and spiritual, then it might possibly be a consumerist cultural god – television, celebrity, money, success, power or shopping – for instance. This does not make you a bad person, but it does mean you are missing the point of being alive – fulfilment is not an achievable consumerist goal; but it is a spiritual outcome. Worship of God is the inoculation against all the transitory garbage we are peddled in our everyday lives; it helps us to focus on what is really important in the world – justice, equality, spiritual love and mutual respect – worshipping God is life-giving and life-affirming.

Living in this world does not mean that you are not able to taste the joys of God’s love today either, but one does have to do something about it – and that something is Worship God. Renewal of focus of priorities, and joy at being alive, starts with knowing Jesus Christ. Give Him a go, He never fails!