St. Andrew’s is listed Grade II and was built in 1772 on the foundations of what the Doomsday survey noted as annexed to Cheriton. Kilmeston has a range of families and retired village members who attend church. It has seating capacity for 100.

We are fortunate to have within the village a number of people who want to help finance the maintenance of the church building in the village, even though some of them are not church goers. It is for this group that the Friends of St Andrews was founded. The Friends hold two quizzes a year and a Christmas Bazaar. Funds raised go towards projects which help maintain the church building and keep it as a valued village resource.


Services and Worship

There are two monthly services – a Family Service at 11am on the second Sunday of the month, and a Holy Communion Service held on the fourth. We have extra services at Christmas, we hold a Christingle and Carol Service, and at Easter too we have a number of extra service which are well attended and enjoyed by the village.